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Under the innovative leadership of Anthony Sardella, Sherpa, LLC has steadily grown and developed into an industry leader in its expert statistical data research, analytical strategy initiatives, and behavioral and social science methodologies.   Sherpa provides visionary solutions to clients through intelligent insights and actionable, strategic solutions.

Sherpa offers a unique, approach for finding insights around particular groups of people, based on the automated collection and analysis of media and textual big data. We capture hundreds of millions of communications and conversations, in a variety of languages, from audiences around the world. We apply a big data approach to tagging and analyzing this information to provide real-time intelligence around audience behavior and individual actions.

By collecting and analyzing this data, we can provide accurate insights into:

  • The top-of-mind conversations for a particular audience group or within a particular geography
  • The importance of topics or issues to an audience group
  • How likely individuals or groups are to act in a certain way
  • How likely an event (e.g. a protest, an activist action, a lawsuit) is to occur
  • Which spokespeople or leaders are likely to emerge or be successful
  • The reputation of specific individuals within a target audience.

Our insights are provided through a customized, secure, web-based portal, through subject matter created reports, and through strategic consulting engagements for senior executives.

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